I just had another story – a story I really like – accepted by NOON. If you’d told me five years ago that my work would end up appearing there regularly I would have laughed.

So yes, I am in China, and no, I’m not writing about it. There’s too much to process and too much to say.

But in the interest of sharing at least the basic information about my life, I figured I’d give you a New York Minute style run down of what’s happening over here.

– My class is going very well. I love my students, as usual. They are very smart and game.

– I’m advising one of my students on an independent research project on Feminism in China and the West, and it’s one of the most interesting and gratifying teaching experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve been reading a fair amount about China the past few years, but this is a really unique and direct way to learn more about Chinese culture and to reconsider my own. I might be getting more out of this project than my student is.

– Eating here is awesome.

– Drinking is pretty good too.

– The pollution in Shanghai is bad, and the sky was grey for weeks after I arrived, but recently we’ve had days and days of relatively clean air and bright blue skies, and I keep waking up smiling. This is not a metaphor. Sometimes good weather is just good weather.

– I have always wanted to live in a hotel and I’m enjoying the experience as much as I knew I would. A breakfast buffet with noodles and fried rice and someone who will make my (enormous) bed everyday? Count me in.

– It’s great to be back in Asia. I love it here.

– You know what else I love? The Olympics.

– Sorry to anyone who though I’d be posting pictures here. The party is on Instagram.