My notebook from last summer’s Gordon Lish class.

Here’s what I’m trying to work with:

Don’t drop your object. Already messed this one up and I’m okay with it, though I’d definitely like to drop my object less.

Refuse to explain.  Don’t say why or how come.

Make yourself mindless, invite accident. This is what produces the best results for me, I think.  After this I scrawled what I believe says, “Governed by stations of different repetition.” I don’t remember what that means.  During another class I wrote, Autism – just say whatever.  Something unconnected. Because I have awful handwriting Autism looks like Cuntism.

Sentence are produced out of the sentences that come before them.

“Don’t be distracted by a world who wants to tame you.” Hmmm, this must be from the night Miley Cyrus subbed.