I didn’t make it through Dhalgren,  but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect it, or the man who wrote it.  Dhalgren’s an insane, dark masterpiece of science-fiction (that we don’t hold against the man who wrote it, though maybe he hasn’t done anything bad enough that might cause us to do so; he’s fucked if he does, at least if he does it in Italy). And, apparently, it is also an insane play that you can see in New York City until April 10th!  In honor of Delany’s 68th birthday, The Kitchen is staging  Bellona, Destroyer of Cities, an adaptation written and directed by Jay Scheib, an “MIT professor and rising theater-world star who’s been obsessed with Dhalgren for years. He once devoted an MIT course to the book, and has even adapted it into a play in German.”

You should go?