This may or may not be the movie poster

Lookie here, Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood is being adapted for film by Anh Hung Tran, a “French film director of Vietnamese ancestry“, and it’s being scored by Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood.

Greenwood says,

“I wrote [the] piece mostly in hotels and dressing rooms while touring with Radiohead.” “This was more practical than glamorous — lots of time sitting indoors, lots of instruments about — and aside from picking up a few geographical working titles, I can’t think that it had any effect where, on tour, it was written.”

Writing in hotel rooms and dressing rooms doesn’t really sound that glamorous, but it does sound about right for a soundtrack for the book.

You can see a few stills from the film here.

The film will be released in Japan at the end of the year.

(Galleycat via Spinner)