I saw the trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland over the weekend and thought….hmmmm. I hate to think I’m a traditionalist, but when it comes to adaptations, well…

I was mostly into Where the Wild Things Are, and I thought the story Jonze and Eggars wrote around the book was good. But Tony Soprano killed it for me (ha ha, whatever). I don’t think the monsters should have been adults at all, but if they had to be, why were adults with voices I recognized. So bad. So what if kids don’t recognize his voice…they’re probably still wondering why the monster sounds like their drunkle Bobby.

As for Alice in Wonderland. Alice is old(er). And Willy Wonka pretending to be the Mad Hatter is treading on Tony Soprano territory. And big-brain squish-face is the worst. And besides that…what is this movie an adaption of? Alice and Wonderland? Really?

The screenwriter, Linda Woolverton, admitted to the LAT that she took liberties, on purpose, and drew inspiration from less obvious places like Carrol’s Jabberwocky poem. (I like that part.) When asked if she expected people to be displeased with the movie, she said,

I’m sure they will be. It’s audacious, what we’ve done. I don’t know know where I got off. What was I thinking? [Laughs] I’m not joking, I was thinking when I was writing this, “Who do you think you are?” Seriously! At one point, I was in London, it was over Christmas, and I was writing, and I had been out walking in Hyde Park, and I ran up against a statue of Lewis Carroll. And I thought, “Linda, really, what have you got yourself into?” I can only say at this point that I wasn’t trying to re-create his work. If anything, I hope that the movie inspires children who haven’t read the books to go back and read the books.

As for the bigger changes to the plot, not including age, she said this:

Two things are major departures, I’d say. There’s the concept of the Oraculum, which is a never-ending calendar that is sort of an oracle. Every day in Wonderland is never the same as the day before. The days don’t repeat, like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. They just go on. Every day has a new name. Like Frabjous Day. The idea of the Oraculum, which tells everyone what is going to happen on that particular day, that isn’t anywhere in the original works. That was created out of whole cloth and it gives us a ticking clock on the story. The other thing is, I created a dog character and his family that helps Alice throughout the story. He’s a hound dog and he kind of betrays the Hatter originally, and then he feels really badly about it, and then he assists Alice in the rest of the story. His family is being held hostage, and then in the end … well, let’s not spoil it.

I guess she’s covering her bases by calling herself out. It worked for David Letterman, why not her?


I might be ready for this:

Urban Decay did a pop-up Alice in Wonderland make-up set! (Sold out.)

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