Salinger’s been gone for a long time, so maybe this is not really that different, but, well…

I really wish we got more writing from him, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled with what he gave us.  I still look to his work all the time for inspiration and instruction. I never aged-out of Catcher in the Rye.  People love to say it doesn’t hold up, but it does for me.  It’s true I am living a very extended adolescence, but it’s a literary one, okay?   Catcher’s not my favorite, but I still think the writing admirable for how light it seems despite the content it’s conveying.  I am not crazy about the end, but it doesn’t ruin the rest for me.  I was a pretty messed up  teenager, or at least I felt like one (like the only one, naturally), but I never particularly identified with him.  I actually think Catcher is assigned too young. Just because it’s about a young adult doesn’t mean it’s for them.  I think you appreciate the story and the characters as you get older because of perspective, the memory you have of those times.

Anyway, it’s his short stories I really love.

Maybe we are going to get more…there’s always been talk of a posthumous deluge.  Here’s hoping.