…this is exciting news.  Picador will publish Deborah Eisenberg’s collected stories at the end of March.  960 pages!  I came across the galley the other day and  was super dorky about it in front of other people.  Dorky enough to need to bring it up here, not dorky enough to get the copy for myself (though later that day I unintentionally scored a nifty pair of Lego salt and pepper shakers).

While searching for information on the book I came across a NTY interview with Eisenberg about her first collection, Transactions in a Foreign Currency, which came out in 1986.  The most annoying thing about the interview is its title, “An Ex-waitress’s Writing Success.”  That wouldn’t fly now, would it?  I mean, it’s a given that pretty much everyone is an ex-server at this point, right?  It’s nice to be reminded that waiting tables while working on your art actually happens all the time with great results, but I wish the NYT hadn’t been so cute about it.