In news more suited to Halloween, archeologists exhumed a mass grave in Spain hoping to find Lorca’s body but discovered…no human remains.  I hope those archeologists don’t go on any camping trips with their friends, or invite lots of sluts to party in their parents’ cabin in the woods.  We all know what happens when you disturb an “empty” grave.

He [Lorca] and three others, including a one-legged school teacher and two local bullfighters, were said to be shot at dawn and buried in the same unmarked grave on the edge of an olive grove.

The failure to locate his remains comes as a disappointment to Irish historian, Ian Gibson, who wrote a biography of Lorca, and pinpointed the location of the grave after interviews with the man who claimed to have buried him…

…One new theory proposes that Franco ordered the relocation of Lorca’s body after his execution provoked international condemnation.

A new book claims that Franco ordered the emptying of the mass grave in the weeks following the murder and that Lorca’s remains to be buried quietly elsewhere.

The scariest thing to me is that no one seems to care about one-legged school teachers anymore.