Lydia Millet provides this week’s Book Notes on Largehearted Boy.  The song that goes with the “Sexing the Pheasant,” the first story in her new collection Love in Infant Monkeys is “Pablo Picasso,” which I love.  However, she “maybe” goes with the John Cale version. I can’t really get behind that. Here’s her explanation, of the story, at least.

“Sexing the Pheasant,” the first story, is about Madonna, when she shot a pheasant on her English estate and then decided to give up hunting. It’s an internal monologue as she watched the bird die, her thoughts on her marriage and religion and the thorny issue of whether she would still be able to wear tailored hunting clothes if she wasn’t actually hunting anymore. I’d pick “Pablo Picasso,” maybe the John Cale version.