I am not a Philip Roth fan, but I am a Philip Roth talent acknowledger and respecter.  Hearing about this made me actually kind of like him.  For, like, a minute.

So I guess there’s like a Philip Roth bus Tour that takes you to all the major “landmarks of his novels” in Newark?  Members of Weequahic High School’s class of ’59, in town for their 50th reunion, were on that tour, and guess who showed up?  Philip Roth!

“Omigod, are we excited!” said Marsha Weinstein. “If I had known, I would have brought my books for him to sign. I have all his books.” Jill Goff called out to the author: “I have an empty seat!”

That’s awesome and thoughtful and generous no matter what, but especially because Roth comes across as the most self-obsessed person in the world.  Also, I thought he would only get on a bus full of young-woman, so, you know, good for him?