This is a nice piece from the NYT about A WGA project, partially funded by the Wounded Warrior Project and the NEA’s Operation Homecoming, that offers free workshops, led by  successful writers, for veterans who want to write.

The meetings grew from an effort by guild writers to get in touch with what Tom Fontana, president of the foundation, likes to call “America’s stories.” The plan is to train those who wish to write — with no vetting for talent or professional ambition — in settings far from the entertainment corridors of New York and Los Angeles.

Speaking briefly before the latest workshop began on Friday, Mr. Fontana, a writer-producer on “The Philanthropist,” “Oz” and other series, said that Mr. Weller had urged the foundation to begin with military veterans. The next step might be to counsel auto workers in Detroit.

Of course the world has had its share of military writers. “Since Homer,” Ms. Lumet joked at one point. Still, the choice laid bare an inherent conflict.

“In the military, as I’ve learned, you’re selfless when you’re part of a unit,” Mr. Fontana said. “But writing is a selfish act.”