Today the extension of the GI bill goes into effect, which “grants every U.S. veteran who served in active duty since Sept. 10, 2001, an opportunity to receive an in-state, undergraduate education at a public college or university at no cost. It also offers student veterans a monthly housing allowance, annual book allowance and covers fees for tutorial services and other educational programs.”

Here is Wonkette’s take on it:

But what will the new GI Bill bring to a nation on its death bed? Who knows?! Basically, if you served 36 months in the Wars On Terrors, Washington will say “thanks” by paying your tuition, books and housing at a public university — or, you can apply that to a private university, many of which are now offering scholarships to veterans to make up the difference. More than 100,000 applications have already been processed.

Experts say we may also get a new “Beat Generation” as the nation suddenly has a lot more people who can read and think critically. As these educated youngsters gaze with cynicism upon the new age of prosperity and middlebrow intellectualism, such diversions as jazz, “smoking tea” and writing long angry poems will most likely follow, eventually ending with an overeducated and prosperous generation unwilling to fight in the nation’s next bullshit colonial war, on Mars.

Ah Wonkette, home to some of the funniest peoples of the internet.