Lauren Spohrer has a great story up at the Mississippi Review, Boys and Girls in America Have Such A Sad Time Together.  I am so happy all these great journals are running online content.

Here’s a tease:

Boys and Girls in America Have Such a Sad Time Together


Whatever would propel me forward, move me through the kiss, the clasp, and the shudder. I jacked the volume and smoothed on the runny face game.

These online women are either unimportant, worthy of no more treatment than guesswork; somewhat important, but still burdened by unimportant elements that makes them unworthy of thorough treatment; or so precociously important that one can do no more than nurse high hopes sobered with caution.

I can smell her Gardenia perfume, a scent I love. Personal scent is extremely compelling on a woman.

Now go read the rest!