Fine, but I still don’t feel like waiting.

A review from The Japan Times says that though the novel is dark there’s plent of “subtle humor and fresh narrative details” to keep it going.  I am really excited to  read the book, but I wasn’t that into “After Dark,” so I am a little worried that “1Q84” will continue in that vain.

Doesn’t sound like it will be though:

Decades of Murakami’s experimentation with voice and style have culminated in sophisticated but simple prose that avoids pretension (except when he mocks Japan’s literary culture). In addition, the characters’ intonation, gestures and facial expressions are described with a new degree of precision.

Though the initial sales of “1Q84” have come from name recognition and media buzz, as time passes, it could be received as Murakami’s magnum opus, or at least the best novel of 200Q. This novel — mired in death and fetish, leavened with humor — may become a mandatory read for anyone trying to get to grips with contemporary Japanese culture.