Today and tomorrow will probably be the backlog of stuff I want to share from my trip.  I’m home in body, but not in brain. I suppose my brain is a part of my body.  I’m home in body, not in focus?

Here’s another gem, What Can She Be: A Film Producer.  

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This book from 1977 is a part of series that included What Can She Be: A Farmer/A Musician/An Architect/A Geologist.  I am a sucker for old-school empowerment books for girls, and what I like about this book is that it never addesses gender, it just follows film producer Fran Sears and describes what she does during the course of her day. This is Fran talking to an agent about a potential television show.














Being a film producer involves talking on the phone while wearing cool sunglasses? I can do that.  

The best though, is when she’s just hanging out with her friends.  

with friends













This reads, “Fran and her friends are interested in the history of films.  They often watch old films on television or go to see them at museums or small movie houses.  It is interesting to see how the art of film has developed from the days of silent films to our own existing time.”

That’s the most inspiring part.  Being able to have a certain career never really excited me when I was young (though I really wanted to be a waitress when I was six). Seeing someone else live a life I thought was “cool”  was what made me want to do something with my life.  Actually, it still does. Thanks, Fran!