Road trips =  searching for books at second-hand stores = a casual sort of bliss.  The covers of these books – found in a Louisiana Goodwill – are fantastic:














I love this.  It would make a great print, or do well as a repeated image on wall paper or fabric. I would wear a mini-dress covered in it. Or upholster my couch with it. Who cares what the book’s about?  I picked it up because it was a nice piece of art.  Remember art?














Ditto.  A little too much white space, but great colors and nice bold lines.  

to die













That falling white figure is really creepy.  I like the simplicity, and I wish the designer had stuck to only three colors and not brought in the red at the bottom. Unnecessary, and it throws off the balance.














Now this is perfect white space.  The figure is amazing!  

dasiy chain













Daisy Chain, HA.  I don’t like anything about this cover except the men daisy-chaining each other’s pockets (and the title, obviously).  The picture is actually pretty smart and funny.