I did a little post-Katrina driveabout.  Here’s the route I followed.  You’ll need a map of the city, and I suggest sketching the route out on the map before you depart. You’ll see a lot of rotting houses and buildings and a lot of empty space in areas that were once densely populated.  I did not see a lot of people, but I did see some new and rehabbed houses.  I felt totally safe, but others might not. 

I saw stuff more hopeful, and much more depressing, than this. I wasn’t really in a picture taking mood.  











































– Start at the intersection of Canal and North Rampart.  Take Canal 4.5 miles all the way to Robert Lee Blvd.  Along the way you pass, among other damaged areas, the Lakeview neighborhood, which was under 9 feet of water after the 17th st. canal broke.

– Turn left on Robert Lee and follow it to Bellair Drive, the last street before the bridge over the 17th st. canal.  

– Drive four blocks down Bellair Drive and take a left and then another left onto Fleur de Lis Drive, then take a right to get back on to Robert Lee.

-Drive four blocks and turn left at the third traffic light.  Keep driving and you’ll see Lake Pontchartrain.  Drive along Lakeshore Drive for a while, until you cross over a levee and Bayou St. John.  You’ll hit a traffic circle; bear right onto Paris ave.  Paris crosses Robert Lee.  Stay on Paris until you hit Fillmore.  Make a u-turn and turn right on Fillmore and cross the London Avenue Canal. 

– Turn right on Elysian Fields, drive one mile and continue through the Gentilly blvd. intersection.  MAke a u-turn and turn right on Gentilly.

– Turn right on Franklin Ave.  You’ll pass under the freeway and into the 7th ward.  

– Cross N. Clairborne and N. Robertson.  Make a u-turn and take a right on N. Robertson and drive over the Industrial Canal. This brings you into the Lower Ninth Ward.  One block past the foot of the bridge make a u-turn, then turn right on Tennesse St. – the levee breach that destroyed the neighborhood  was to the left.

– Drive to N. Tonti, turn right, then drive one block and take a right on Reynes.  Cross N. Clairborne and in a few blocks take a right on St. Claude Ave.  This takes you through the Upper Ninth Ward.

– Stay on St. Claude for a while, which will merge with N. Rampart, which will hit Canal again, which means you’re back where you started.