Too hot to blog very often and to do much else. Here’s what’s been happening while we’ve been sweating our asses off:

1. Ate at Pit Stop BBQ outside of Savannah. The amount of good BBQ down here is overwhelming.  It’s everywhere, and yet you can’t stop at all the places.  An insidious form of torture?  Smaller roads are dotted with gems like these.  If you’re in Savannah, eat here.  It’s a tiny place and the food – particularly the ribs and the sauce – is grrrreat.  There’s air force memorabilia and Nascar stuff hanging everywhere.  












2.  Went to Cumberland Island.  Biked down narrow paths under trees drowning in Spanish Moss.  Ran down the beach with the wild horses.  The sun was so strong, particularly on the dunes leading up to the beach, that it was hard to breath because the air burned my throat.  

3. Ate delicious rock shrimp at Seagle’s in St. Marys.  Stayed at the dusty, sun-bleached Riverview Hotel, straight out of the Wild West, and wanted to move in.  The hotel bar is great.  

4. Went to Okefenokee Swamp via Stephen Foster National Park and loved it despite my lifelong fear of alligators and despite almost landing on top of an alligator when our motor boat crashed into a dock where one was sunning.  Renting a boat is really cheap and driving it is pretty easy (we did donuts).  Slowly making your way down the swamp’s narrow paths and weaving among huge swaths of lily pads is great. I had no idea a swamp could be so beautiful. 

5. Took out the 20 stitches in my boyfriend’s calf using $10 worth of supplies from the drug store.    

6. Finished Martin Amis’ London Fields.  Reading the book was a really strange experience.  The writing is incredible on a sentence level but the book itself is pretty annoying on an everything-else level, and all that other stuff has a way of distracting you.  I was skipping pages by the end, but certain sentences would drag me back in and I would read along for a while before something would make me  groan and hit fast-forward.  i don’t think that’s ever happened to me before.