Judy Blume wrote a fundraising letter asking people to make donations to Planned Parenthood in honor of Mother’s Day.  Here’s an excerpt:

I’m a mom, and I’m also a writer and an activist. Nothing has made me prouder than seeing my own children — and really, all young people — grow up to be healthy, educated, and in charge of their bodies and their lives. That’s where Planned Parenthood comes in. There is no organization that I know of that supports motherhood and all that it means more than Planned Parenthood. That’s why I’m honoring moms everywhere with my gift to Planned Parenthood today. 

Nice, right?  It’s a really good idea. HOWEVER, not everyone, or everyone’s mother,  thinks we should celebrate mom’s by donating to an “abortion business,” so now Judy Blume is getting death threats.  Planned Parenthood launched a campaign in response to all the negative response, but it’s since been taken down.  No news on why.  

Right on, America!