subwayA few weeks ago, Chronicle released the 25th anniversary edition of Subway Art, the photo book by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, that documented the rise of the New York graffiti movement in the 70’s and 80’s.  The original is great, and the rerelease is even better – the production is really nice!  Something I really appreciate is that the book doesn’t try to be “cool.”  One, it is already cool, like OG cool, and two, graffiti becoming so “cool” over the past few years is so annoying and I’m glad they are not pandering to that like so many other graffiti books.  A lot of the adults who “love” graffiti and street art would actually be really upset if someone did a piece on their building.  Although they can always buy sanitized street art from the likes of CB2.


Ha!  I’m glad this outraged someone else.