Jane Smiley talked to S.E. Hinton At the LA Times Festival of Books and the results were interesting, sweet and funny.  We all know how incredible S.E. Hinton’s career has been. I often wonder about the burden of writing so well, so prolifically, so young.  I know it had a big, complicated effect on her.  How could it not?

I was not crazy about Hinton’s 2007 book Some of Tim’s Stories  (I am pretty sure that book was a “novel in stories” but who knows) and I did not read her first adult novel,  Harbor, which came out in 2005.  She is currently working on a “comedic paranormal suspense novel.”  Not sure I’m going to read that either. But I will always love and deeply admire her writing.  She’s pretty much responsible for my real life love affair(ssssssssss…….) with the confused man child.  I love you Pony Boy!!!  

And who doesn’t, or couldn’t?