Probably not, because you are probably American.  Pro-wrestlers would beat a chick-lit author a million times over.  It just wouldn’t happen.  Though  America has a history of electing random entertainers to political power, I don’t think they would elect a lady writer who writes lady things to anything (maybe a super fun PTA board).

But if you were British, you might say, why not!  Ever heard of Louise Bagshawe?  I hadn’t either.  Nor had I read Career Girls, Venus Envy or Glitz-some of her most popular books.  But this chick-lit author is trying to be a conversative MP in western England.  Will she be elected?  If she was running in America I would say absolutely not.  But Britain is pretty weird, tacky in somewhat different ways, and more open-minded about a lot of things.

Why not get to know Louise Bagshawe.  You can learn about the author here, and the politician here.  Try to reconcile the two.