Whatever “this” is.

Accoding to Galleycat, a panel of professional web writers at the New York Round Table Writers’ Conference discussed what writers should be blogging about.  Some suggestions are below.  I am not yet following any of them, and not sure that I will, ever.  I am shy, and I like to keep things separate.

Roy Sekoff, the founding editor of The Huffington Post, told attendees: “If you can blog about the thing you are writing about [in your book], even tangentially, that’s interesting.” The editor noted that a playwright called him last week, asking to write about the newly released torture memos–partly to promote his new play about torture, partly to blog his thoughts about the breaking news.

mediabistro.com managing editor Rebecca Fox suggested authors create Twitter accounts for fictional characters–blogging in character as they write the novel. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez from Spindle Magazine recommended that aspiring authors and bloggers follow one writer’s example: “Neil Gaiman is not pushing his new book, he’s blogging about things that interest him.”