The Daily Kos ran an email that Arizona Senator Linda Gray wrote in response to a 9th grader’s query about school budget cuts.  The email is incredible.  She spend the first two paragraphs answering the student’s questions, making many grammatical mistakes along the way, and then closes with a paragraph where she totally rips into the student’s writing ability, and maybe makes an ethnic dig. The email is fucked up regardless, but it turns out the student, Ana, is a special needs student!  So that’s why she don’t speak the English so good.  Gray has issued an apology (after the Phoenix New Times went after her) and will visit the school next week to apologize in person.

The email:

Dear Ana,

1.why cut our budgets? All budgets were cut. K-12 education was cut the least 3.2% and only 1.9% of all monies that come to the school district. Education is 42% of the general fund budget, so we cut very little from education and a lot more from the other 58% of the budget. come you don’t cut any money from your budget? I have not had a pay raise in 10 years so you could say I have had my budget cut every year. Three years ago the legislature gave education a 6% increase and 2% increase for the last 10 years. We keep trying to help. You could ask the Glendale Union High School District why they only spend 59.5% of the money they receive into the classroom and 40.5 to administrative costs. The national average is 61.2 into the classroom.

Ana, I have grave concerns on your ability to pass the AIMS language test. Why didn’t you take to time to write an email with the proper punctuation? By your poorly written email, your example tells me that all the money we have spent on your education shows a lack of learning on your part. My son and daughter went through the Glendale UHSD and had a public school education. My daughter is a 6th grade teacher and she would be embarrassed if a student in her classroom sent such an email. You should be ashamed of displaying such ignorance in writing to a public servant. Perhaps you watch too much TV or don’t know how to speak proper English.

Senator Linda Gray