GalleyCat just taught me about We Tell Stories, a digital fiction project from Penguin UK.  It just won Best in Show and the Experimental prize at the SXSW Festival Web Awards.  

Because GalleyCat described the endeavor so well, and because I was just slapped with a six hour layover in Las Vegas and I’m going crazy from all the whistles and dings! from the slot machines, I’m going to quote their article instead of paragirizing (that is not a typo, that is a combination of plagiarizing and paraphrasing) or trying to write something original.

“We Tell Stories featured six storytelling experiments, each utilizing a different kind of webby tool. For instance, “Fairy Tale” was a story co-written by the reader and “The 21 Steps” was written using Google Maps.”

It’s very choose-your–own-adventure-y and it’s very cool.  Go.  Click!