One of my favorite things about traveling in America is visiting all the amazing second hand stores.  I’m particularly excited by their book sections. Here are some gems from an SA in Newport, OR.













Life is a Lonely Place: Five Teenage Alcoholics, By Elizabeth Ryan.  That girl looks so sad.  Someone buy her a drink.














The New Adventures of the Teachers, By Susan Parrish.  “They learned their lessons well, but some answers weren’t in the books…Proper and aloof by day, their A.B.C.s spelled S.E.X. at night…”  S.E.X.!  I’m a teacher, and I am offended.












Back in the Boss’s Bed, by Sharon Kendrick.  That is literally best possible book title.  Or album title.  Or Facebook status.  You don’t even need the picture, or the accompanying words.  It’s a story in itself.  A perfect story. Damn you, Sharon Kendrick.  And thank you, too.

(I am/was reading Doris Lessing’s Alfred and Emily, and let me tell you, it’s boring as hell in comparison.)