I have been eating pho at Tai Son on Baxter (and occasionally in Queens) forever.  Pho is pretty much my favorite food of all time, and I thought I’d explored all my options in NYC.  However, my boyfriend and I were driving down Bowery the other day and I saw Pho Tu Do for the first time (it’s been there for a while but never appeared on my radar), and saw some publication’s write-up in the window.  I’m susceptible to that stamp of approval, sadly, because I’ve been burned trying all the places that no one has heard of.  This is a cuisine, and part of the city, that’s very well mined for deliciousness, and while places are often not as good as reviewers claim—Doyers Vietnamese, for example, really disappointedit’s still worth following people who eat for a living.

We went last night and holy shit was their pho good.  It’s all about the broth, which is much more complex than average—really rich with a sweet little kick.  We had the summer rolls which were above average, but nothing else from the extensive menu though I’m certain I’ll end up trying almost everything. It’s the place I”m going from now on.  It’s the place you should go to too.