The Observer just pointed me to, a fiction website run by David Daley. Fivechapters, which I had not previously heard of, is pretty sweet. It publishes a new story every week in 5 installments, starting on Mondays. (I had a hard time working “serialized” into that sentence so I didn’t, but yes, that is what they are doing.)

This week they are publishing John Cheever’s Of Love: A Testimony, which has been out of print forever. (It will been in print again very soon, in the Library of America collection). Of Love: A Testimony is definitely one of the things you should be reading this week.

Fivechapters also has great stories in their archives from an impressive group of writers, should you need more ways to fritter your time. The site’s design is strangely 90’s and somewhat reminiscent of an Evite, but overall it’s easy to read for long stretches of time, always a plus for the online magazine.