Tomorrow, romance novelist Nora Roberts will open the doors of her literary-themed bed and breakfast in Boonsboro, Maryland. The seven rooms at Inn BoonsBoro are inspired by “literary romantic couples,” including  Titania and Oberon from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Elizabeth Bennet an Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.  For the former, Roberts, who decorated the rooms herself, went with a “canopy bed with iron posts, coppery leaves and organza drapery” to give the room “an organic, more fanciful theme.”  She hopes the room  “will make couples feel like they’re waltzing into a magic forest.”

That kind of makes me feel like vomiting.  Close enough?

Roberts said that finding the right couples wasn’t easy, and that she almost didn’t find enough to populate the all of the inn’s rooms.  “The whole idea was the rooms’ themes had to be linked to literary couples who ended up with happy endings. Romeo and Juliet? Dead. Tristan and Isolde? Dead. Not happy. Dead, dead, dead. Rhett Butler and Scarlett? He didn’t give a damn. You try finding seven of them.”

Roberts hopes that guests will “want to stay forever.” And if everyone ends up with happy endings, why wouldn’t they?