Upright Beasts, by Lincoln Michel. Beastly bites!


It’s here!

Can’t put it down The Best Small Fictions 2015, and not just because I’m lucky enough to have a story in it. It’s a great collection of work from writers I know and writers who are new to me. I have been continually impressed by how big each author makes their “small” fiction feel.

Very surprised and excited to learn that my story, “The Director,” from last year’s NOON, will be included in Queen’s Ferry Press‘ Best Small Fictions of 2015 Anthology. Many thanks to judges Robert Olen Butler and Tara L. Masih, and to NOON for nominating me!

Or maybe Howler monkeys.

My last post was in May, and since then I’ve been devoted to my book and to traveling and traveling and now I’m writing, but I’m still traveling, or am at least away, in Nicaragua, where I’m writing for a few months. If you want to see what I’m doing when I’m not locked in my room, you can check my Instagram: anyachantal.


Come hear Lynn Tillman, Helen Klein Ross, Jon Cotner, Sasha Fletcher, and myself read this Saturday evening at 61 Local as a part of Gigantic Magazine’s Lit Crawl/five-year anniversary event.

Reading starts promptly at 6:15pm and will end at 7pm–shout out for short readings! As mentioned, it’s a part of Lit Crawl Brooklyn 2014. You can get the complete schedule of events here.

Enthralled by Criminal, the excellent new podcast by Lauren Spohrer, Phoebe Judge, and Eric Mennel.


Buy it, read it, love it.


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